4 Pack Shower Steamers


4 Pack Shower Steamers

Product description

Do you love bath bombs but really don't have the time?   These shower steamers create the same aroma therapy in the time it takes you to shower.  Simply unwrap a steamer and place it on the floor of your shower.  Sprinkle it a little with water to activate the aroma.  Do not put the steamer under a direct stream of water or it will dissolve quicker than you would like.

What it Does:  Provides aromatherapy in the shower.

How it Works:  Our Shower Steamers slowly release fragrances to help open your sinuses, relax you, invigorate you or provide you with a tranquil feeling.

Do not use in your bath, this is for shower use only.

This 4 pack contains one of each fragrance:

Revitalize-wake up your senses to get a fresh start to your day.

Spa-Slip into a spa-like aroma therapy in the privacy of your own shower.

Sinus-Are you feeling a little stuffy, use this steamer to help you breath again.

Tranquil-Relax and get ready for a tranquil rest after using this steamer.


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