"This lady makes the most luxurious whipped sugar scrubs.  We have followed her since she started.  We plan to purchase more.  Thank you for offering a quality product and great customer service."

C. Keyzn, Inverness, Florida


"I cannot say enough about the handmade, lusciously scented, artistically designed, colorful soaps.  I always have then in my bathroom and guests are always complimenting me on them.  I buy them for gifts too, there are always a huge hit!"                  

J. Martin, Belleair, Florida             

"I have always had rough, hard and scaly elbows and have tried all kinds of commercial products but nothing worked.  I used the body butter every day and within a few weeks my elbows were cleared up!"   

N. Shappell, Inverness, Florida

                                                                                                                              "I was a little hesitant to try a bar soap since I have used body wash with a sponge for the past several years.  I was amazed at how much I enjoyed using this soap.  I had tried all kinds of bar soaps in the past, however non of them had felt this soft on my skin.  I still use a sponge with the bar soap, but I'm definitely going to stick with this."                        

E. Runyan, Tampa, Florida


"My wife had some of this bar soap and I gave it a shot since I was out of my normal Dove.  To my surprise it made my skin feel much smoother and did not leave any residue.  I ended up ordering my own set and Burberry scent was my favorite.  One of the best features about this soap is it last twice as long as the previous bar soaps I have tried.  From there I ordered some of the novelty soaps for my kids.  They had a miniature action figure in the middle of the clear soap and normally my kids fight to take a bath, but now they were excited knowing that each bath came closer to getting that toy!"    


 P. Runyan, Tampa, Florida

"I just love the soaps!  They last a long time and make my skin feel great.  They make fabulous gifts, I can't keep enough of them because my friends and family are always taking them.  The really cool part is the design and color selections."  

R. Riedy, Clearwater, Florida




"I love the Burberry scent!  Each bar lasts a long time, much longer than any soap I used to buy before." 

Sharon M. Hannah, Inverness, Florida


"I like the soap because it is natural, smells good and lasts a lot longer than if you go buy a bar of soap from a store."   

Richard D. Pericht, Inverness, Florida


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