Lip Polish



Peppermint Coconut Cream Melon Honey Orange Creamsicle

Lip Polish

Product description

Do you want those kissable lips that are smooth and supple?  Use our organic sugar based Lip Scrub to exfoliate all that dry and flaky skin and let the remaining oils
moisturize your lips.

Simply wet your lips, put a little bit on your fingertip or applicator, gently massage your lips with the scrub, rinse and enjoy the supple feeling left behind.

What it Does:  Our Lip Scrubs will exfoliate the dead and dry skin on your lips while our Lip Balm will soothe and moisturize your lips.

How it Works: Fine grain sugar along with skin loving oils gently scrub off the flaky skin that can be caused by harsh weather.   The oils in the scrub along with daily use of our Lip Balms penetrate your lips keeping them silky smooth and kissable.  You can apply the Lip Balm as much as desired.

Available in the following flavors:
-Coconut Cream- A Pina Colada in a lip tube.
-Orange Creamsicle- Reminiscent of the creamsicles right off the ice cream truck.
-Peppermint- A bit of a tingle with a peppermint kick.
-Melon- Fruity melon freshness.
-Honey- Smooth and sweet all in one.


Peppermint Coconut Cream Melon Honey Orange Creamsicle

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